If you build it

The movie If You Build It was set in Bertie, North Carolina and established to bring not only the community together but to inform and educate the young people of design. The town as a whole was undeveloped the funding for the town and schools were not evenly divided. The budget wasn’t  laid out well at all causing the schools to be limited with supplies and not providing the proper education to the children in the town. The crew got a group of the older kids in the town together to teach them the basics of design and help the think outside the box. While working with the young kids they noticed the amount of low motivation these kids had to further there education. Many kids in the town don’t go beyond high school and usually stay in the town. But the crew by giving this training experience of learning about design opened up there minds to much more and they saw the importance about learning these skills and to look at the world in a different light. Design advocacy is so important because it helps people broaden there horizon and see the world in different way. Teaching the basic skills of designs prepare people to use not only there minds, but imagination and hands to create something incredible. These skills help kids to look a the world in a different way and to broaden there knowledge as a whole.

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