Designers 11 + 12

Rebekah Radtke

Has worked for the University of Kentucky for  5 years in the school of interior at the  University of Kentucky. She didn’t grow up having a natural talent for it drawing or creating designs but still went into interior design. In her work she uses all abstracts of design and mixes art within it. In design she loves the idea of how environment impacts design. During school went to graduate school for architecture by mistake. She didn’t always want to be a interior designer or professor either but life took her on these paths. Interior design is all about the people and how to fit peoples needs. Interior environment is all around us from city, courtyards, meadows, and even a building. Most critical profession is more than just pillows. Design can be collaborative sometimes you have to work with other designers, or even doctors if you are working with recreating a hospital. Rebecca uses different majors to collaborate in her classes also. Design is empathetic and she puts herself in others shoes and works with them to know them to create a design. Design can make a difference and is all about experiments you will have to be comfortable with messing up. In her masters program went to Brazil to help design bus  stops and bus shelters. Throughout her experience in Interior design she incorporates technology. Live learn studio study she created to see if the construction around campus is impacting the study of the young college students. She sees the future of design in the young generation.

Anne Filson

Works in the school of architecture at the University of Kentucky. Started as a art history her undergraduate studies and her school didn’t have architecture program. Moved to the Netherlands to work with a famous architecture Rem Koolhaas and one of her first projects was the Netherlands embassy building in Berlin this was worked in on a team-based environment. She was the project head of the architect team in Chicago and worked with huge team with a variety of people. She worked for IDEO which made her see that architecture is just one piece of design and engaged even with clients in the process of design. The Cleveland clinic during this project they tried to understand all there needs and why people get lost and what they will want to improve on the hospital. Found that waiting in the these hospital aren’t equal. Shes been apart of many projects that show her talent in design.

Both designers have a background in architecture and  use collaborations in there work.


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