Design Autobiography


My list of 20 artifacts include:

Rosemary, Bow shaped ring, L.L bean Boots, Patagonia Sweater, White Keds, Coffee Mugs, Cooking Supplies, Paint Brush, Swim Cap, Soccer ball, I-phone, Coach Cell phone case, Laptop, Headphones, Tennis shoes, Planner, Kentucky Hat, Bow ring, Volleyball, Water bottle, and a Pencil.

The group of 20 artifacts can tell a lot about me as a person, define my beliefs, likes or ”preferences”, and hobbies. Each them can tell a story within themselves and many of them are similar.  These artifacts can be grouped in categories within each other. Each of these groups themselves are a combination of my likes, beliefs and what I experience daily. These items can be found in my home, on me and also on social media. All these items are made specific for the consumer with a design heavy process that I’ve important in my life.

Each of these artifacts can be categorized into many different groups. There can be groups found within this list of 20 artifacts those being: clothing items, hobbies, sports,and technology. These groups can also be sub-grouped within each other to make smaller groups. They all show my unique personality, style, and interests. As a whole these artifacts say a lot about me as a person. For example the rosary represents my beliefs and religion which is Catholic. I see this artifact a lot in my home and in church, this has a lot of meaning to me. The bow shaped ring, L.L bean Boots, Patagonia Sweater, Kentucky Hat, Coach cell phone case, and white Keds all can be put into the clothing group. These items represent my personal style which is comfortable and simple. Most of them were expensive so this shows I prefer well made, high quality clothing and appeal items. I wear these items on a daily basis and love them, I would highly recommend these items. The coffee mug in this list says a lot about me also since I am a coffee lover and I also collect these cups. Everyone who knows me well knows that I love to collect coffee mugs and I usually receive these as gifts. The artifacts -cooking supplies, pencil, and paint brushes are in my list because this is what I use to perform my favorite hobbies. I love anything creative from drawing, writing, and painting I like these activities very much, and do them daily. The swim cap, soccer ball, volleyball, water-bottle and tennis shoes also represent couple of my hobbies as well as my likes. I love swimming and volleyball I did these sports throughout my childhood and in high school, also I love being active and watching soccer. These three sports mentioned are my two favorite sports. The laptop, and I phone made my list since technology is huge part of my life along with having the planner. I use these items to keep connected with the world and stay organized. You will never see me without my phone on me it helps me feel complete which is awful but true in this culture. All these items are important to me and I use or see them daily.

Design is a huge factor within these artifacts from representation of culture, process of design, media, and also consumerism . All 20 of these artifacts represents the American culture that I grew up in. The hobbies, sports, and technology mentioned earlier all represent the popular activities and products in our culture. Also the clothing items mentioned in this list all represent the clothing popular in our society and can be seen on millions of young adults especially college students. The overall process of design in these artifacts can be described as complicated. The technology group in particular can be described this due to the complex manufacturing of these products. The design of the sports group of volleyball, swimming, and soccer all were complexly made  with a specific purpose. Not only are these products and sports complex, but the design of the clothing items are also. These clothing and appeal items are all made with a specific design in mind to produce the highest quality of clothing items possible for the consumer. All these clothing items I listed even the swim cap were created to fit the consumer a certain way and to fit a certain purpose.  Sports and even cooking have specific designs in the way you play the sport and the way you create recipes to cook. Not only are these artifacts produced to please the consumer, but are prompted and advertised all over social media. Social media like Pinterest, twitter, Facebook and even YouTube post all about all these different products. These social media post advertisements for a lot of these artifacts. Social media list ideas for recipes that influence cooking, updates on sports teams progress, ratings on the best brands of technology, different ideas on how to wear clothing items and where to get them. Social media has such a huge impact on our society and in my life in general. All the items listed above are made for the consumer in mind and are made to satisfy there needs.These artifacts fit into the consumerism division in many different ways. They can be reusable, made to make life easier, also make life more enjoyable, and also make a statement- may it be fashion or about my personality.

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