Designers 9 + 10

Adriane Grumbetn

Is a professor at the University of Kentucky teaching marketing and advertising. She has been here couple of years, but started her undergraduate at University of Kentucky. Coming in was a art major and wanted to be a graphic designer. She took drawing and sculpture  while at U.K and loved it; but art wasn’t exactly what she wanted to do. Design became her focus, she says that design is “fun” and  is a way to problem solve. Adriane’s idea of art is that it advocates  a feeling and elicits emotion while design works with a client to solve problems it may not  always ”pretty”. Her focus is on marketing and advertisements, she does freelance on the side helping company’s sell there logos and events. She also mentions that she doesn’t always love what she produces which are making flyers, signage, and wedding invitations. Her pro filo doesn’t have a certain style since she is  creating items that are for a client in particular. Her views of design in the future is that it is going to be big in data and media, the designer is becoming an interpreter with media being the avenue in which design is shared.

Julie Sniadonski

Is graduate student at the  University of Kentucky studying architecture. She grew up with the love for art and being creative. Painting became a huge part of her life and she had a large background in it having had private lessons to strengthen her skills. She applied in high school for the GSA program and was accepted. During this program improved on her skills and grew to love it even more. Then she went on to do her undergraduate at UK and learned to strengthen her drawing skills to master more in depth skills for architecture.Throughout her graduate program she made projects that broaden her skills. She used mackboard which is thicker cardboard that helps her build her models. Soon learned that she loves being hands on with her work. During the summer she spent 5 weeks over seas where she studied aboard to Paris and Rome where they analyzed the architecture around this area. After graduate school apply for a internship to get a professional experience. She wants to see her design impact our environment.

Both these designers are very different in how they preform there creations. They both have a background in art and love to be creative. They view design in a similar way and try to have fun with it.

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