Designers 7 +8

Melody Jackson

Says her overall design journey has been like an adventure and her career has been overall adventurous. She didn’t always want to work in design, she said around the age of 9 or 10 she wanted to be an astronaut. She had loved space all while she was growing up and wanted to one day peruse that, but didn’t get the chance to. During late high school and into early college she was pre-med and focused on the math and science heavily. During school she became fascinated by Leonardo. Growing to love drawing and used him has her inspiration. This is what brought her love for art and design. Later she went on to graduate school to learn to go above and beyond with her projects with things like collages. During this time she grew to love design and became fascinated by Scottish towers and castles this became where she created her design thesis. Her thesis was a group of tile magnets all put together by poems. After graduate school became interested in painting and did a variety of different works from abstract, cows to even horses. These paintings became such a huge hit that she became the art director for the World Equestrian Games, her paintings emerged horses and music. She designs everything with a creative curve in mind to it with her children being the focus of her life. They allow  her to see the world in a different way. She is always asking questions with her work and is a problem solver. Next thing for design she believes is virtual reality and holographs, mainly making environments where you can use your whole body.


Lindsey Fay

Teaches in the school of interior at the University of Kentucky. She says that she had always had a interest in design and art, especially in middle school drawing out designs and still had a interest. She went to University of Kentucky for her undergraduate and went originally for nutrition and dietetics. Research she does is post- occupancy evaluation of a hospital. Mapping out the hospitals and using different methods to analyze people’s likes and dislikes of this place. She also does many other things within design, another project she did was looking at Co housing communities. This is where they will have a common house where they share in childcare and cooking. She mentions that she developed different titles for these types of housing that weren’t developed before. Experimental learning she incorporates in her teaching. She is a visual learner and uses this in her work and in her teaching. She also works in design in many different areas out of state and in state.

Both designs are very creative with what they do and try to see the world in a different light.They both do a variety of different things with design and keep it interesting with what they do.

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