Designers 5 + 6

Ryan Hargrove

Works in the Department of Landscape and Architecture at the University of Kentucky. He begin at young age with his interest in design, his parents had a influence on him to look at the world in a different perspective- try to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange. His dad taught him to question everything which helped influenced him to have construct thinking. He went to the University of Kentucky for undergrad during this time he went to a fine arts class which he sat down next to a landscape architecture and she influenced his interest. He focuses on design he wants to help others reach there potential in there design careers. Worked in the field for 1 year while living in North Carolina. He partners with other designers to clean up areas such as: neighbors, parks, and other local areas. He also has preformed in design competitions. He thinks that design is a way of life and how you see the world. He wants to develop this theory in others and help share it. Every year he takes a group to tour the country and stop by every big city and talk to creative individuals. They meet with a variety of artist and designers and meets them in there environment. His main though about design and what he wants to portray is to create people who can take creative action and impact others.

Sarah Daley

Had majored in architecture with a minor in anthropology from the University Kentucky. She currently lives in Louisville and here she worked on a park in Louisville as interpreter designer. A interpreter designer deals with information and how it is informed to others. She says that during her undergraduate years she realized that once you learn about the basics of design you can see the world differently. Her job as a interpreter designer is to collects all the information of the project shes working on for example the park she then talks about the info of the park and the history and thendecides how to present it to others through media. She thinks that design as field that is important and ,no matter the field they can benefit from design. She has many interests in design one that stood out to her the most was organizing what a museum would look like and what will be in the rooms.

Both these designers have the same idea that design can change how you view the world. They both have similar views of the design as a whole and also what they do for a career.

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