Designers 3-4

Scarlet Wesley:

Has worked 10 year at the University of Kentucky in the Merchandising and now Retail Hospitality and Tourism program. Scarlet has a degree in design with minor in fashion merchandising then went on to graduate school for Retail Science.  During this time she TA for classes and fell in love with teaching then got she went on to receive a phd and now is a professor. After she got married she moved to Connecticut then found job working for a Lego company. At this job she took away that going into a job situation it mightn’t not been what she aspect but in this situation go into it confident . She experience a lot during this time. One memory that stands out to her is when someone who worked on the floor of the factory won a design competition, which showed that anyone can do anything. Now  Scarlet teaches Merchandising and Apparel in these classes teaches how one takes a product from the beginning to end, then how to get the consumer to buy it. Scarlet also teaches brand management, she states that without brands there’s no such thing as design or  retail. Another class she teaches is color theory, this class  teaches that the history and purpose of colors, whats the science behind color. In her classes her students designed the UK plaid, her students design the official plaid for the University of Kentucky  there had been online voting for which plaid they preferred over 30 participants. She states that how fashion design works is that designers release there ideas to the world and then during winter months displays spring clothes and vise versa. The concept of a fashion shows has been completely different now we have entered the time of the individual. Overall she incorporates design in her work everyday.

Ebrathim P:

Faulty of  Interior design at the University of Kentucky with a background in Architecture and Graph Design with a emphasis on  Robotics. Ebrathim has many different projects that he has and is still working on from: posters, branding projects,  and many different graphic design projects. He uses a creative side of robotics to bring artifacts, movies, or videos alive in a unique way. He creates these through computer programs and graphic design programs. Some programs he uses is Activity Cloud which you take feedback from your users and use them in your work. He focuses more on the digital side of design.Combing design language inside and outside of the design project. He does this by robotic technology which helps him create these connections. This designer uses design in a creative neat way that is unexpected and unique.

These designers are very different but value the importance of using creative ways to incorporate design in there work.


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