Designer Profile 1-2

Mark O’ Bryon grew up having a lot of siblings and cousins. He was fascinated by cameras and audio as a young child. The year 1960 is a year that stands out to him, also he loves the design period of this time. He incorporates cameras when he travels, and to help him in vision the project better. He now works as a freelance architect while working in the College of Design. His overall motto or favorite way to use design is, “do something that appears that it has always been there”. He does this by trying to match the existing items in the room and adds to improve the room. He looks at  the old features around him and tries to make a new with still keeping it modern. With all his projects he makes physical models of them to improve them, and to be able to see the project more clearly. One his favorite projects was the St. Augustine Church in Cincinnati he rebuilt the baptism area in this church. He drew up his design and showed it to the church to help show them what it would look like to make viewing it easier. He does this to help them view design easier and communicate it to them. Mark says that good design is elegant, Performs its function, Versatility, Contains few arbitrary, contradictory or adjustable elements.

Jenifer Tate works at LG electronics in New Jersey, but lives in Brooklyn, New York. Jenifer said that in her undergrad she learned the skills for design, while in graduate school she learned how to incorporate her own personal voice in her design. She describes her work as ”whatever you shake a house and things that fall out we design”. Her design Motto is “create something with intent”. She designs products with a purpose in  mind for the consumer. She is attracted to ”disapearables” instead of ”wearables”, this means that she values products that you still can keep there advantages, but aren’t in your face. She says the maker movement is really valued right now in this era, due to it not being completely in your face like other products. The day in the life of Jenifer is that she works Monday-Friday in New Jersey  where her office for LG Electronics is this is a 1 hour commute. She manages for LG couple of project at a time. The she runs freelance work or websites, she usually has two or three projects going along with her other projects for her job. We asked Jenifer about a couple of things she hates about design and design projects she responded – that she hates the design phrase “design thinking” which is a catch phrase used a lot, she also hates the design of LG phones due to the tiny buttons that are hard to find on the phone.

Both these designers create products that the consumer will love and use. The phase that Jenifer mentioned that design with intent Mark O’Bryon would agree with. They design items that are made to be used with great quality. They both value high quality, and simplistic design.




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