Museum of You


Bow shaped ring

L.L bean Boots

Patagonia Sweater

White Keds

Coffee Mugs

Cooking Supplies

Paint Brush

Swim Cap

Soccer ball

This group tells a lot about me as a person and defines my beliefs, likes or ”preferences”, and hobbies. Many of these artifacts are clothing/ appeal items. These items mainly can be grouped in that category. The cooking supplies, paint brush, swim cap and soccer ball can be put in the category  as activities. All these items are specific and important in my life. I use and view these artifacts daily.

As a group these artifact say a lot about me as a person. The rosary represents my beliefs and religion, which is Catholic. I see this artifact a lot in my home and in church, this has a lot of meaning to me. The bow shaped ring, L.L bean Boots, Patagonia Sweater, and white Keds all represent my personal style which is mainly comfortable and simple. I wear these items on a daily basis and love them. I would highly recommend these items. The coffee mug says a lot about me also since, I am a coffee lover and drink it way to often, I also collect these cups. The artifacts of cooking supplies and paint brushes are in my list because this is my two favorite hobbies. I love these activities very much and do them daily. The swim cap and soccer ball all represent my hobbies as well as my likes. I love swimming I swam for a long time, also I love watching soccer. These are my two favorite sports. All these items are important to me and I use or see them daily.

Design is a huge factor in all these items. These artifacts are all made in different and specific ways. All the clothing items I listed even the swim cap were created to fit the consumer a certain way and to fit a certain purpose. All the artifacts that were considered activity have a design aspect in the way they were created. Sports and cooking have specific designs in the way you play the sport and the way you create recipes and cook. Design can be found anywhere.


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