Movie Review

In this Des100 class we were assigned to watch three different movies. These movies were Helvetica, Everything is Illuminated and Wall-E. All three of these movies I highly enjoyed and noticed some very distinct design aspects of them. The movies were alike and different in many ways. One way that they were different was the formatting of the movie. Everything is Illuminated was a comedy/drama, Helvetica was a documentary, and Wall-E was a animation.  The design of each movie is clearly different and the directors of these movie use different and creative forms of effects to help draw the viewer in. Although these three movies are different formatting they have a similar theme. This theme is how the film portray the past, present and future in there films.

The documentary Helvetica is about the famous simple font Helvetica. It takes this famous font and shows how it has progressed through time. Through this movie it introduces many different designers who talk about the overall history of Helvetica and how it now viewed in our present day and what the outlooks are for it in the future. This font is highly respected and liked by many people in our society and generations. It is a simple but classic font. It is mentioned in the film that Helvetica is more bland or simple compared to fonts in the past. This font is viewed as clean and modern in our society now is highly like and most likely be used in the future. Overall this documentary also plays off this theme of traveling the artifact through time.

Everything is Illuminated is a comedy/ drama classic that follows a young Jewish American Jonathan, who travels to the Ukraine in search of the woman who helped saved his Grandfather in WW2. This is a emotional movie that uses the design of light and color to help set off of the emotions that were trying to be displayed in a scene. This type of design aspect helps the viewer get more invested and involved with the overall setting and mood of the movie. Throughout the movie while Jonathan is on his journey has flashbacks of the horrors that occurred during this time. These scenes pulls him in and makes him get a glimpse of what it was like then full him right back to be thankful for the present and say fearful that this could occur in the future still. This movie does a great job with making the viewer get into the traumatic flashbacks of the past and helps the view see how the past has impact Jonathan and his family. This movie in a different way like the others also plays off this theme of traveling through past, present and future.

Wall-E is a animated movie by Pixar that portrays the life of a Robert. This movie is designed to portrayed to show how life is like during the future. It shows the destruction that was caused by the people who had exhibited the earth. The earth is now a wasteland with no life able to grow on it and Wall-E is now left to clean up after them. Throughout this movie there are flashbacks of what life was like before everything got destroyed and waste was filling up the earth. It was beautiful and everything was healthy. Soon Wall-E meets another robot who had came to seek out any form of life and to her luck found that Wall-E had found a small plant. Now throughout the movie there is hope for new life. This movie does a distinct flip flop between the future, past and back to the future again. This movie goes along with this theme of time also like compared to the other films.

As mentioned before these movies do a great job at going through the theme of time. All the three movies use design to help emphases the design along with this theme of time. Although these movies are very different this theme of time is what connects them. This allows us with a design aspect look back in the past, present and on to the future in many different ways to see a bigger picture.

These three movies helped me look at the overall design of films in a different light. With having a more design directed out look I could see now fully why the designers go in depth more with lighting, color, and sound. Using this helps get the viewer more invested and interested in the overall movie itself. After seeing that there is more involved in just putting a movie together if I was to re-watch these movies I will be able to pick up on these design aspects. Now after doing this project I will be able to se design more clearly in films.


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